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Get a beautiful smile and set yourself up for a renewed level of self-confidence and oral health for years to come with the innovative solutions found at Haws/Greeneville Orthodontics. We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting-edge of technological advances to give you the best solutions on the market.

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At Haws/Greeneville Orthodontics, we are proud to bring you the In-Ovation line of braces to ensure the highest quality solutions for your teeth straightening needs. In-Ovation brings you three lines to choose from:


In-Ovation "R": The In-Ovation "R" works with light-force titanium wires activated by your own mouth or body temperature. The special combination of wires and brackets allows your teeth to move more quickly and with less discomfort. A great option for busy families, as there is less need for appointments, and they can be spaced further apart.


In-Ovation "C": The In-Ovation "C" is the clear version of the In-Ovation "R", giving you a sleek, more aesthetically pleasing look.


In-Ovation "L": The In-Ovation "L" line is our line of invisible braces. These lingual braces are placed on the inside of your teeth and are a small, accurate, and less expensive alternative to Invisalign. These braces are so comfortable and easy to manage; you may even forget you're wearing them!


Invisalign : Invisalign lets you feel like you are improving your smile when you're just not comfortable with the thought of looking like you're back in junior high!


Invisalign Teen : Invisalign Teen takes a modern approach to straightening teeth. With a series of clear aligners that gradually straighten your teeth, Invisalign Teen is comfortable, affordable and effective.


Without visible braces or removable trays, you're able to eat, speak, laugh, and smile without anyone noticing your braces. Your smile will be improved very quickly, usually within several weeks.

In-Ovation line of braces

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